Teeth Whitening in Paducah, KY

woman with white teeth

Everyone wants to have a white smile. In fact, having whiter teeth is the number one aesthetic concern of dental patients today, beating out other things such as crooked teeth or a space between teeth. Fortunately, getting a whiter smile has never been easier than it is today. With today’s technology, we have the ability to give you whiter teeth with a minimum of fuss and expense.

Why Whiten Teeth?

As you go through your daily life all kinds of things combine to affect the color of your smile. Smoking, drinking coffee, drinking tea or wine, and even the kinds of food that you eat can gradually change the coloring of your tooth enamel from white to different shades of yellow or even brown.

Even if you are staying away from any food or drink that could change the color of your teeth, as time passes the outer layer of your tooth will wear down due to the regular wear-and-tear of everyday activities. As a result, your teeth may begin to change color.

Teeth whitening is a very easy and very inexpensive way to address this issue. Instead of having expensive dental work done and replacing your teeth with implants or having veneers put over them, you can simply whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home or come into our office and have whitening professionally done.

What Is Involved In The Tooth Whitening Process?

When you decide that you want to have whiter teeth, let us know and we will spend some time in our office measuring your teeth by taking an impression of your bite. Using these impressions, we will then create a plastic tray that will custom-fit your teeth.

We will have you return to our office after the plastic tray is completed and have you try it on. If there are any places where the fit is not what we want it to be we will make a minor adjustment. Then we will send you home with the tray and a special tooth-whitening solution formulated for your teeth to give them a whiter appearance.

Simply put this solution in the plastic tray and put it in your mouth; you may do this twice a day for 30 minutes or, if you choose, you may wear the tray overnight. After a couple of weeks—the exact duration of the treatment will vary depending on the severity of the staining on your teeth—you will have whiter teeth and a beautiful smile.

Remember that whitening is not a permanent solution and you will need to do a touch-up from time to time depending on your diet and other environmental factors.

It is not uncommon for patients to experience heightened tooth sensitivity during the whitening process. This is nothing to be concerned about and is only a temporary condition. The sensitivity should go away shortly after your treatment concludes.

We look forward to helping you obtain and maintain a beautiful smile so give us a call today at (270) 408-1321 to make an appointment!