Preventive Dentistry in Paducah KY

Preventive Dental Care

At Woodyard Dental Care, Dr. Jonathan Woodyard, the best dentist in Paducah KY, provides exceptional care for your oral health.

dental exam

Dental Cleanings, Exams and X-Rays

Checkups are recommended every 6 months for a healthy mouth, and every 3-4 months for those with Periodontal Disease/Gum Disease.

Examinations should occur at least once a year, depending on your past history of cavities.

X-Rays should be taken between every 6 months to 3 years depending on your past history of restorations and how regularly you visit the dentist for exams

Teeth and irritated Gums

Periodontal Disease/Gum Disease

Periodontal disease occurs when plaque builds up below the gum-line and starts to pull the gums away from the roots of the teeth. It has been linked to diabetes and heart disease

Mouth guards

Mouthguards and Bruxism

Bruxism (teeth grinding) can cause long-term damage to teeth, from moderate to severe. Constant grinding wears down the surface of the tooth, exposing the soft dentin beneath the enamel

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening

Dr. Jonathan Woodyard can talk to you about your health history and examine these areas for signs of mouth and/or throat cancer. Regular visits to Woodyard Dental Care can improve the chances that any suspicious changes in your oral health will be caught early, at a time when cancer can be treated more easily

Dental Sealants


Dental sealants are tooth colored and made from polymer or glass ionomers and bond to the deep grooves in the back teeth (molars) to prevent decay.