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Dealing with periodontal disease can be a pain, but here at Woodyard Dental Care PSC, we are more than happy to help you get back on your feet with excellent oral health. Any disease can cause a lot of problems throughout the body, and periodontal (or gum) disease is no different. However, without pain as a major symptom, it is hard to catch it early. Here is some general information on what the disease is, and how you can prevent it. For more information or to set up an appointment, give us a call today.

What Is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease, more commonly known simply as gum disease, is a disease that attacks the gums (or tissues) that surround and support each of your teeth. There are a few symptoms that allow you to catch it early on. However, pain does not often accompany gum disease in its earliest stages. If you notice that your gums are tender, you may want to start watching out for other symptoms or come in for an appointment for us to take a quick look.

Some other symptoms to watch out for include bleeding gums (healthy gums should not bleed when brushing normally), halitosis, a gap between your gums and your teeth or a receding gum-line, loose teeth, or a difference in how it feels to bite, or how your teeth fit together when you do so. Usually, at this stage, we call it gingivitis, and we can take care of it by cleaning the area well to get rid of the bad bacteria. This also means that once we are finished, you have to be dedicated to taking good care of your teeth.

As it gets more advanced, it becomes periodontitis. This can lead to tooth and bone loss in your mouth and more serious complications. Good dental care means the difference between getting and not getting to this point.

How Can I Prevent It?

Preventing periodontal disease is pretty simple. Just like you would if you were preventing tooth decay, brushing twice a day (once before bedtime, for sure) and flossing at least once, can make a huge difference in your risk. Using mouthwash is also a definite, as it stimulates your gums as you swish it around, and it gets to the gums between your teeth that you might have missed where bacteria may collect.

Be sure to look at other risk factors such as smoking or even pregnancy. Quitting smoking can drop your risk, and if you are pregnant, you know what to look out for to maximize your oral health. Also, be sure to regularly get your mouth deep cleaned and checked out, at least twice a year!

Periodontal disease is pretty common but can have devastating consequences. Woodyard Dental Care PSC is here to help make sure that you can avoid all the pain and hassle that can accompany dealing with gum disease by preventing it in the first place. If you worry too may have developed gum disease, or just want more information, give us a call today at (270) 408-1321 to set up an appointment with our expert staff!

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