Replacing Teeth With Dentures

Woodyard Dental Care PSC has your needs in mind when we come to replacing full or partial sets of your teeth. One very common option is the use of full or partial dentures. These are dental appliances that can help you to regain function of your mouth, including eating and speaking comfortably again. If you have multiple missing teeth and just want back that radiant smile of days’ past, it is a possibility! Give us a call today, and we can get you back into tip-top shape like you dream of being in.

What Is A Denture?

Dentures are a great way for many to fill in the gaps of missing teeth, or to get back their smile after having to replace all of their teeth. Depending on how many teeth you need to be replaced determines if you need partial or full sets of dentures.

If you are missing a select few, we can create a custom set of partial dentures for you which can bridge those gaps with comfortability and ease. They are removable as well for easy cleaning. If you need all of your teeth replaced for whatever reason, then full sets are also an option. They are also easy to use and easy to remove for cleaning or comfortability.

Are They The Same As Natural Teeth?

It is important that you know that even partial dentures could mean big changes in many aspects. Standard dentures can impact what foods you can eat and how they taste. They can also impact your self-esteem and your confidence as well. There are also implant based denture options which provide the natural-looking smile you are looking for along with the stability and comfortability of natural teeth. Those dentures also give you the ability to regain all of your favorite foods.

Benefits Of Dentures

All of your missing teeth are back where you want them, and are in the same arch that they would be in naturally rather than possibly looking broken up if you have different denture pieces in place. If you have suffered through having missing teeth for a while, you know the struggle of trying to eat. With dentures, even if some options are limited, you get the ability to eat back in a way you haven't had in some time.

Dentures are also more natural looking than piecework natural teeth, crowns, bridges, partials, and whatever else you have going on in there to keep your smile held together. It can restore your self-confidence as well. They can also be as good for your wallet as they are for your oral health, as other implant or bridge procedures can be costly.

If you are wondering if dentures are a good option for you, give us a call here are Woodyard Dental Care PSC. We can give you the best options for your specific individual needs. Our expert team has years of experience, and our friendly staff will answer all your questions.

after dentures

Original smile

After smilemakeover

Smile makeover with custom dentures