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Dental Bridges

Before dental bridges

Original smile

After dental bridges

Smile makeover with dental bridge and veneers

Many people who are missing multiple teeth elect to have a dental bridge installed as opposed to choosing dentures or dental implants. Whether you should choose a dental bridge over the other options available is determined by your preference, sensitivity to cost, and desire for convenience.

What Is A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is an appliance which is permanently affixed to your mouth by means of attaching it to an “anchor tooth” on either side of the gap which needs to be filled. The anchor tooth can be one of your real teeth or it could be an artificial tooth attached to a dental implant.

What Is A Dental Bridge Used For?

A dental bridge is used to replace a gap composed of two or more consecutive teeth which have been removed from the mouth, whether the removal was due to trauma, decay, or for some other reason. The bridge is a single piece of material fashioned to look like multiple teeth. A properly created and installed bridge is indistinguishable from your real teeth.

What Is The Procedure For Getting A Dental Bridge?

When you come to our office for a visit, we will take an impression of your teeth; using this impression, or mold, allows us to know the size and shape that the bridge will need to take so that when you bite down it will fit perfectly into your bite pattern.

We will prepare your anchor teeth, usually done by resurfacing them so that they may accept a crown. Before you leave, we will give you a temporary bridge to wear while your permanent bridge is being prepared.

After your bridge has been created you will return to our office where we will check the bridge to ensure proper fit and comfort. If any adjustments are necessary, we will make them at that time.

We will install a crown over each of your anchor teeth and attach the bridge to the crowns. The result will be a dental reconstruction that looks, feels, and performs like your real teeth.

Before you leave we will give you instructions for the care and maintenance of your new bridge. If you follow these instructions and continue with regular brushing, flossing, and visits to the dentist for cleaning, your bridge should last you for many years.

Is A Bridge For Me?

A dental bridge has some advantages over other types of dental restoration. Dental bridges look more realistic than partial dentures and—once the installation is complete—tend to be more comfortable to wear. At the same time a dental bridge is more affordable than having individual dental implants installed in the gap where the bridge would go. Another advantage of a dental bridge is that it is faster than having dental implants put in, as dental implants can take as long as six months from start to finish for the entire process.

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