The Importance of a Custom Fit Mouth Guard

Mouth Guards

kid with a mouth guard

A custom mouth guard is an important component of many sports uniforms including, but not limited to football, boxing, basketball, hockey and wrestling. A properly fitted mouth guard helps to protect the teeth from getting knocked out as well as other serious injuries that could occur to the jaw, face and cheeks. There are several types of mouth guards that you can purchase, including custom fit, boil and bite and stock mouth guards. Of the three types, a custom guard made by a professional is best.

The Professional Mouth Guard Difference

A stock mouth guard is one that anyone can walk into a store and buy; it is a one-size-fits-all approach. As you can guess, most mouths are not meant to wear one-size-fits-all items. Every mouth has different issues, whether it is crooked teeth, a protruding jaw or just a different shape. The stock mouth guard does not take these factors into consideration and will most likely not protect the teeth well enough. A professionally molded custom mouth guard, on the other hand, is custom fit to your mouth. After a mold of your mouth is taken, a laboratory makes the mouth guard that takes into account every nook and cranny in your mouth, ensuring a secure fit.

Boil And Bite Are Second Best

If you cannot afford a custom fit mouth guard or you need one fast, the boil and bite mouth guards are the next best choice. This type requires you to boil the mouth guard and placed in your mouth, while warm, to allow it to mold to the shape of your mouth.

If you play any type of sports, it is best to talk to us to determine if you should be wearing a mouth guard to protect your mouth and face today!