Trios Intraoral Scanner

3D X-Rays with Intraoral Scanner

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Occasionally a new dental tool will have such a great impact on the profession that it revolutionizes the industry. The Trios intraoral scanner is just such a tool. It allows us to take precise, non-invasive impressions of your teeth in accurate color. With the Trios intraoral scanner, we are able to take a full three dimensional image of your tooth as well as match the color of your teeth to that of your new crown precisely.

What Does It Do?

The Trios allows us to take high definition, three dimensional impressions of your teeth in true-to-life color. Using the Trios, we can build an image of your entire mouth to see all kinds of different issues, from how your bite fits together to the precise shape and color of a particular tooth.

Why The Trios?

The Trios was developed primarily to help those in the dental field take much more accurate and detailed impressions of teeth. Why do we take impressions of teeth? The most common reason is to replace a tooth with a crown.

When a tooth no longer can perform as it should we will sometimes opt to replace it with a crown. Receiving a crown means that we first must measure your tooth so that we can create a replica of it. This is the point where the Trios system comes in. Before the Trios we had to take a physical impression of a tooth which left a margin of error and was not as reliable as we would have liked.

With the Trios intraoral camera, we are able to scan the entire surface of your tooth digitally which allows us to make a very precise replica of your tooth. The Trios even allows us to perfectly match the color of your crown to your existing teeth.

Once the crown has been created using the digital impression taken with the Trios scanner we can attach it to the existing portion of the tooth. We do this with confidence, knowing that the impression taken by the Trios is reliable and exact.

Will It Be Uncomfortable?

When we take impressions of your teeth using the Trios you can count on it being an enjoyable procedure. The Trios allows us to take impressions of your teeth without touching any part of your mouth. The Trios is essentially a very high-definition camera/scanner that is held over the areas of your mouth that we wish to take scans of. All that is required of you is to open your mouth!

We can even show you the results of the scan. With the Trios we are given the unique opportunity to have a full color, high definition image of your teeth. In the past digital impressions systems have rendered in black and white and were hard for the lay person to tell what was what. The Trios displays beautifully on a monitor that we can share with you immediately after the scans are taken.

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