Prevent Tooth Decay in Children With Dental Sealants

Prevent Tooth Decay in Children With Dental Sealants

There are a few things that combine to cause tooth decay, ultimately leading to cavities. These are the tooth, disease-causing bacteria, and carbohydrates that mouth bacteria can easily break down into acids. Some factors that result in tooth decay can be controlled; others are not. There's some form of balance that exists among these factors. So when a tooth is exposed to more pathogenic agents than its protective agents, tooth decay happens. Sadly, one out of four children in the United States has at least one cavity by the time they turn four years old. Healthy teeth are essential to your kid's overall health. One way to prevent tooth decay is with dental sealants. Here's how it can be beneficial:



  • Dental Sealants Provide a Protective Barrier. Even if your child is great at cleaning their mouth regularly, there's still a good chance that food debris and dental plaque will build up. This is a particular issue with the back teeth or molars, which naturally have deeper grooves. This makes them prone to cavities. By applying dental sealants, your child has an extra layer of protection over their teeth. As you know, sealants are thin coatings that a qualified dental professional paint on teeth. It protects them from plaque and cavities. Sealants flow into the deep grooves of the molars and harden immediately. By sealing these grooves, it's harder for food particles to stick. This reduces the risk of cavities forming.


  • They Help Prevent Gum Disease. Besides cavity, dental sealants also help prevent gum disease. Like adults, your child is also prone to gum disease, especially if they have poor oral hygiene. Early symptoms of gum disease include red, swollen, or bleeding gums. If left untreated, it can lead to bad breath, abscesses, loose teeth, and even tooth loss. As previously mentioned, dental sealants provide a protective barrier against dental plaque. Plaque contains bacteria that can increase your kid's risk of gum disease. 


  • They're Easy to Apply and Last Long. Dental sealants are a fast, easy, and painless means of preventing tooth decay in children. Your dentist can apply the dental sealants within a matter of minutes. It's often performed after routine professional teeth cleaning. The process doesn't cause any pain and is easy to manage even for restless kids. The sealants may require a few minutes to dry. But as soon as it's over, your kid will be free and continue with their normal diet. Once applied, they can protect against 80 percent of cavities for about a couple of years. They continue to protect your child against 50 percent of cavities for the next few years. Some dental sealants can last for as long as a decade. Since they can fall off at times, you need to visit the dentist regularly to have them examined. 


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