Avoiding Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergency Tips

Dental emergency

No one likes to deal with dental emergencies, especially when they occur in the middle of the night. An emergency that needs immediate care includes occurrences such as a chipped tooth, knocked out tooth and an extreme tooth or mouth ache. Not every emergency is going to be preventable, but you can diminish your risk quite a bit with a few tips.

Keep Up Good Oral Hygiene

Keeping up with your oral hygiene can help to diminish the risk of infection, abscess and pain. Toothaches can come out of nowhere and be incredibly painful at the onset. If you are diligent about brushing and flossing as well as keeping a good diet, you can lower your chances of having tooth decay, infections and gum disease, all of which will reduce your risk of experiencing an emergency.

Wear A Mouth Guard

If you play any type of sport, especially contact sports, it is essential that you wear a mouth guard. All that it takes is one accident that involves another player's body part hitting your mouth or a ball hitting you in the face to knock out a tooth or cause a severe cut inside your mouth. When you wear a mouth guard you protect your mouth and teeth from injury.

Keep Regular Dental Appointments

Keeping up with your regular dental appointments is another way to prevent emergencies. At your appointment, we will address any issues, such as tooth decay, gingivitis or infection right away. This will help you to keep your mouth healthy and reduce the risk of needing to see us on an emergency basis due to extreme pain from one of these issues.