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What's with Those Swollen Taste Buds?

Posted on 4/10/2016 by Jonathan Woodyard
A man suffering from swollen taste buds.Have you ever noticed a small bump on your tongue that wasn't there the day before? If you checked it out in the mirror, you may have found what looks to be a swollen taste bud. How in the world did that happen?

Well, taste buds can become blocked and inflamed for a variety of reasons, and while they tend to be harmless and heal quite quickly on their own, knowing the causes could put your mind at ease:

•  Hot food. Hot foods and beverages could burn the tongue, causing inflammation and a swollen and infected taste bud.
•  Strong mouthwashes. If you have been using a mouthwash or other mouth product with a high chemical content, you could cause the mucous membranes to inflame, resulting in a puffed up taste bud.
•  Brushing too hard. Vigorous brushing can pose a lot of hazards to your mouth, but it can also destroy the taste buds.
•  Acid reflux. When you experience regurgitated stomach acids, your mouth can have a difficult time handling the sudden increase in acidity.

Since a certain amount will be perceived by your tongue, irritation to the taste buds could result in swelling.

•  Physical trauma. If you bite your tongue or injure it in another way, you could cause the taste buds to swell up.
•  Allergy. If you are allergic to certain food items, white blood cells could increase and cause inflammation.
•  Infection or oral thrush. The presence of really any type of mouth infection could cause irritation to the mucous membrane, and the end result could be infected taste buds.

For the most part, the inflammation of a swollen taste bud will go down on its own in a day or so. Baking soda, ice, and glycerin can also be helpful. If you are concerned about a swollen taste bud or any other lumps or new signs of trouble in your mouth, be sure to contact our office.


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