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Answering Frequently Asked Questions about Root Canals

Posted on 2/20/2016 by Jonathan Woodyard
A woman about to receive a root canal by her dentist.Do you have a root canal planned in the near future? If so, you might have questions about the procedure, and while your dentist should explain it in-depth prior to your treatment, getting the answers to some frequently asked questions could leave you feeling more comfortable.

What Exactly is a Root Canal?

Within the center of your tooth root is a hollow space that contains the pulp. The pulp is home to the nerves that will respond to changes in temperature in your tooth, and with temperature extremes, they signal pain and sensitivity.

The root canal procedure will help to treat the pulp tissue found here when the canals develop infection.

Why Does My Dentist Say that I Need a Root Canal?

If inflammation or infection has been allowed to develop deep inside of your teeth, a root canal may be recommended. When the living pulp is damaged, intense pain will result, and the pulp can also release toxins that can lead to further issues with your mouth.

Can I Opt Out?
Some patients believe that if their pain goes away that they don't need to follow through with a root canal. Unfortunately, the infection isn't going to go away on its own, and it will eventually move through the roots to affect the surrounding tissues. Left untreated, you could develop a systemic infection or an abscess.

Will My Root Canal Hurt?

Root canal procedures have a reputation for being extremely painful, but this simply isn't true. With sedation dentistry, you'll be comfortable throughout the entire treatment, and most patients express that the procedure felt no more painful than a standard filling.

What Are the Alternatives?
The only alternative to a root canal is to have the tooth removed, but this can cause other undesirable side effects, including bone loss and movement of the teeth.

If you have additional questions about the root canal procedure, please contact us for assistance.


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