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The Top Ways to Have a Great Smile

Posted on 10/15/2015 by Jonathan Woodyard
A woman eating a healthy salad.Everyone wants to love their smiles not only now, but as they age too. With a few simple steps, it is possible to ensure that you have a great smile for many years to come. If you find that your admiration for your smile is diminishing over the years, there are many non-invasive cosmetic dental treatments that you can have performed that ensure the beauty and longevity of your smile. But before you get to that point, consider the following ways to ensure a great smile from the start.

Proper Oral Hygiene Habits

Hopefully this goes without saying, but regular brushing and flossing your teeth are one of the best ways to maintain your smile. Regular eating, illnesses, medication, and the environment can easily damage the appearance of your smile. If you have bad habits, such as drinking soda, coffee, tea, red wine, acidic foods or you smoke or drink alcohol, your mouth is in even worse danger as a result if you do not brush and floss regularly. Removing the food debris and bacteria from your mouth in a timely fashion is the best way to ensure that these items do not damage your teeth. Even if you do brush right away, the dark pigmentation in many of the food and drinks that are damaging to your teeth can still do damage. It is essential that you consume plenty of water after consuming dark colored drinks, smoke, or drink alcohol in order to eliminate the damage that may occur.

Eat Healthy
A healthy diet does more than give you a healthy body; it gives you healthy teeth too. Your teeth are in need of certain nutrients, including calcium, iron, Vitamins B and C. These vitamins and nutrients are best obtained from the foods that you eat rather than from supplements, even though they are an option. Getting the supplements direct from their natural source provides your teeth with greater benefits as they are more properly absorbed with food because the foods that contain these vitamins also contain the other nutrients that enable your body to absorb the vitamins. There are also certain foods that are known as "scrubbers" as they naturally clean your teeth. These foods include carrots, broccoli, apples, and nuts. Adding these foods to your diet can greatly help your smile!

Tooth Whitening

Sometimes, no matter how healthy you eat, how careful you are with your oral hygiene habits, and how often you visit us for a cleaning, your teeth may still discolor. It could be due to factors that are outside of our control, such as hormones or illness. If this occurs, professional tooth whitening may be an option for you. This non-invasive procedure makes it possible to get the white teeth you desire with very little work on your part. In less than one hour you can walk out of our office with bright, white teeth.

Loving your smile is very important for your self-esteem. No one wants to walk around with their hand over their mouth or the need to avoid smiling in order to avoid embarrassment. Finding ways to keep your smile healthy is the key to your long-term happiness. Talk to us about the options for your smile. If you have discoloration, it could be due to your lifestyle habits, which we will help you understand and change. If it is something outside of your control, tooth whitening, dental veneers, dental bonding, or orthodontics could be in order to give you the smile that you desire. We encourage you to come talk to us about your smile to see the least invasive and most effective method for getting your smile back!

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