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Why Custom Made Mouth Guards Provide Better Protection

Posted on 4/10/2015 by Jonathan Woodyard

A dentist holding a custom made mouth guard.

Which Mouth Guards are Best?

If you play sports, you likely know that you need a mouth guard. No matter the type of sport, there are always imminent dangers waiting around the corner for you and your teeth.

When you start to shop for the right guard, however, you will find that there are many to choose from - custom, boil and bite and stock mouth guards; which are best?

Custom Mouth Guards

The best choice for anyone, no matter the sport is a custom mouth guard.Just like anything else that is custom made, this type of protection is made to fit your mouth. This means that it will fit on all of your teeth securely, not just be a piece of plastic in your mouth. A guard that is not perfectly fit might not protect you against the blow that you experience, whether from another player or a ball.

Custom mouth guards are made in our lab. The process starts with a mold that we take of your teeth. This mold is then used to create the mouth guard that perfectly molds to the shape of your mouth and teeth. Some people try to compare this type of mouth guard to the boil and bite type, but the comparison is weak. Boil and bite mouth protection does provide a higher level of protection against blows to the face than stock mouth guards that anyone can wear, but they are still not custom fit for your mouth. No two mouths are the same shape which means that a custom mouth guard is the only way to go.

Interested in a getting a custom made mouth guard? Call us today to get one!


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