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Exercising? Your Mouth Needs Water!

Posted on 2/20/2015 by Jonathan Woodyard
Football Players need water If you exercise a lot, you know that familiar feeling of being so thirsty, you feel as if you could drink an entire ocean. While being thirsty is an obvious side effect of exercising hard, it is not good for your oral health. The drier your mouth becomes while you exercise, the more at risk your mouth becomes for infection and/or tooth decay.

Treating your Thirst with Sports Drinks

You obviously know that you become thirsty when you exercise, but how do you treat it? If you reach for a sports drink, you are doing your oral health even more harm. Now not only is your mouth dry, creating a breeding ground for bacteria, you are introducing sugar into it, which will harbor on your teeth even longer, putting you at increased risk for excessive cavities.

Drink More Water

The only answer to preventing tooth decay for those that work out excessively is to drink water. When you consume water you are helping your body produce more saliva and ridding your mouth of possible bacteria. The more water you drink, the more bacteria that will be washed away, helping you to enhance your oral health, not to mention your oral health too.

Breathe Correctly

Another factor in diminished oral health as a result of exercise is the method that you breathe. If you strictly breathe through your mouth, you are bound to feel the effects of a dry mouth within a few short minutes. On the other hand, if you breathe through your nose, you affect your saliva production much less and you even feel better overall.

If you work out a lot, pay close attention to your breathing method as well as how you hydrate as you could be affecting your oral health without even realizing it.

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